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CitiFluor™ PVP, Mounting Medium, 25ml


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CITIFLUOR™ - Antifadent Mountant Solutions

A mounting medium for
immunofluorescence, which overcomes the problems of fading.

This mounting media is designed to reduce the fading of the fluorescence of dyes used for labeling biological specimens.

In the technique of fluorescence microscopy, the fluorescence is stimulated by high intensity UV and/or visible light. Absorptionof the light populates an excited state of the dye (usually a singlet state) and this leads to fluorescence. However, the excited state of the dye may undergo chemical reaction, which leads to destruction as evidenced by the fading of the fluorescence and consequent loss of the image. Citifluor™ mounting media is designed to solve this problem.

Selection of the appropriate product:

There is no universal antifadent due to the fact that biological material is so varied in nature that the fluorescence fading of fluorochromic conjugates is a complex process.

The general anti-fadents are AF1, AF2, and AF3. The AF87 is a specialist immersion oil-based antifadent.

AF1 (Glycerol-phosphate buffered solution containing an additive for use with labeled tissue sections). Should be used if you normally examine specimens in glycol solution. If you normally use saline solution with your specimens.

AF2 (Glycerol solution containing additives for use with labeled tissue sections) is simply a glycerol solution of the antifadent.

AF3 (Phosphate-buffered saline solution containing additives for examination of whole cell) is appropriate.

AF87, the antifadent, is contained in non-fluorescent immersion oil. It is designed for those requiring work at high magnification. It is useful for preventing the fading of such dyes as DAPI, which have the tendency to disperse in glycerol based mountant solutions.

CFPVOH is an aqueous solution of poly(vinyl alcohol) for use as a solid CFPVOH is an aqueous solution of poly (vinyl alcohol) for use as a solid mountant. Apply a few drops of the solution to your sample, and allow drying to give a clear film.

AF100 is a solution of antifadents to be used with CFPVOH when fading of fluorescence in the poly(vinyl alcohol) is a problem. To prepare a CFPVOH solution containing AF100, add 0.1ml of Af100 to 0.9ml of CFPVOH. If more or less of the solid mountant solution is required, mix the reagent in the appropriate ratio. Once these solutions have been made up, they should be used within a period of days since the solution deteriorates on storage.

All of these products have a long shelf life, a minimum of 2 years. The solution can be stored at room temp-erature. With LD50’s >2000mg/kg (in rat), this product exhibits no toxicological problems.



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