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Lab Microscopes

    • €29.99 €35.69
      €29.99 €35.69
      Art.Nr: SCI-MR-10
      The cleaning set contains all the components you need for the professional and regular cleaning of a microscope. With the included handout, cleaning is easy and time-saving.
      • ***Primostar 3 replaces Primo Star series***

        The new Primostar 3 comes with improved objectives, enhanced digitality and extended functionalities. Designed for great durability and maximum ease of use, the microscope is ideal for Routine Lab work and educational purposes like online teaching and training. The robust microscope in a metal frame with focus on the essentials provides pre-defined plug & play configurations ready to use for your tasks and applications.

      • Getting multichannel fluorescence images with one click.

        • Digital Multichannel Fluorescence
        • Automated Light Manager
        • Automated Objective Detection
        • Image Capture Button on Microscope Body
        • 4K-Camera with Ultra HD Resolution

      • Smart microscope for more efficient routine lab work.

        • Automated Light Manager
        • Automated Objective Detection
        • Image Capture Button on Microscope Body
        • 4K-Camera with Ultra HD Resolution
      • Receive comprehensive information from your cell-, tissue-, 3D-, organoid- and embryo cultures.

        • Full Flexibility
        • Easy to Operate, Intelligent, Combinable
        • All Contrast Modes
        • LED Fluorescence
        • For 2D, 2.5D and 3D Cultures
        • For Live Cell Imaging, Time Lapse and Micromanipulation
        • All Information from one Device
        • Entry level lab upright microscope is ideal for common lab routine and education. It is suitable for routine microscopy with brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast and simple LED fluorescence. The easy to use and robust design makes it a good microscope for school, higher education or laboratories.

          • The 380 series is built specifically for common laboratory applications. Suitable for routine microscopy with brightfield, darkfield (oil and dry), phase contrast, fluorescence and polarized light. The robust design provides ideal conditions for a long lasting constant quality.

            • Starting at €1,478.00 €1,758.82

              Starting at €1,478.00 €1,758.82

              The B-510 series represents the ideal advanced routine microscope for efficient biological analysis in transmitted light applications. The user-friendly operations, robustness and durability combined with good quality optics of infinity corrected W-PLAN matches all requirements of routinary applications in biological or teaching labs.
              • Starting at

                Price on request

                Starting at

                Price on request

                The high modularity of the B-1000 series offers multiple configuration options that can be individually adapted to the customer's needs to ensure accurate and efficient diagnostics. Modularity ranges from manual operation to the motorized version with a wide selection of objectives, stages and condensers. The quality optics (Semi-Apo lenses) and the X-LED8 (8W) illumination system make it suitable for routine and research applications.

                • €335.35 €399.07
                  €335.35 €399.07
                  Art.Nr: LCxL-9135006-U

                  CxL series is designed for both the use in classrooms and laboratories. The user-friendly handling and fresh but robust design provide high performance for various application. The rugged exterior with quality optics ensure a lifetime of use. The integrated battery allows wireless use for up to 5 hours.

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