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Stereo Microscopes

    • €35.50 €42.25
      Art.Nr: SCI-MR-10

      The cleaning set contains all the components you need for the professional and regular cleaning of a microscope. With the included handout, cleaning is easy and time-saving.

      €35.50 €42.25
      • Starting at €1,858.00 €2,211.02

        A compact and reliable Greenough stereo microscope for everyday lab work and industrial inspections. The robust all-rounder is equipped with optics and mechanics designed for heavy workloads. The apochromatic optics with 8:1 zoom provide images of outstanding image contrast and color accuracy. The user-friendly microscope with its high quality optics enables quick and easy documentation at resolutions up to 4K (with AxioCam 208).

        Starting at €1,858.00 €2,211.02

        • Starting at €1,304.00 €1,551.76

          A compact all-in-one stereo microscope with integrated illumination and documentation - ideal for education, laboratory and industry. The Stemi 305 with 5:1 zoom enables the specimens to be observed without prior preparation. This Greenough microscope offers a high-contrast and three-dimensional image impression.

          Starting at €1,304.00 €1,551.76

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            Entry into the Class of Sophisticated stereomicroscopes. The stereomicroscope Discovery.V8 with its high-performance optics has compared to conventional entry level models an enhanced resolution, increased contrast and a perceptibly improved stereoscopic impression. This model reveal crisp and brilliant images throughout the whole 8:1 zoom range.

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