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LYNX II Automated Tissue Processor for Electron Microscopy and Histology

LYNX II is designed to be the successor of Lynx Tissue Processor with several enhancements including capabilities to perform optional processing of larger size samples for Histology.

The LYNX II holds 24 reagent vials for EM processing. Optional HP (Histology processing) may be done with 12 larger size reagent vials for HP processing. In both EM and HP modes, LYNX II has two, independently controlled, heating/cooling stations.

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LYNX II Automated Tissue Processor for Histology


LYNX II Automated Tissue Processor for Electron Microscopy


LYNX II Automated Tissue Processor for Electron Microscopy and Histology


Specimen baskets, small, for Lynx and EMP-5160, 4 compartments (0.15ml), 100 pieces


€194.40 €231.34
Specimen baskets, large, for Lynx and EMP-5160, 3 compartments (0.52ml), 100 pieces


€187.60 €223.24
Plastic lid for specimen baskets for Lynx and EMP-5160, 100 pieces


€97.50 €116.03
Disposable vials for Lynx, 100 pcs


€346.00 €411.74

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The most unique state-of-the-art tissue processor which not only is compatible with all plastic resins but paraffin waxes as well.


Operational Overview of LYNX II:

LYNX II is a batch mode, tissue processing system. The tissues may be processed for EM or HP. Tissues of either type are processed in the same manner: Samples are mounted on the sample arm and reagents are loaded on the reagent carousel. Based on the selected program by the user, the LYNX II rotates the reagent carousel until the selected reagent station is at the processing station. At the processing station the sample is lowered in the reagent. Based on the selection of agitation and vacuum, the LYNX II periodically moves the sample arm to provide agitation and applies vacuum when the agitation is not in progress. Once the programmed time in a given reagent is over, the sample is raised and the next reagent is rotated in the processing station.

The operator may select the processing for EM or HP by the program numbers. Programs 1 through 10 are used for EM processing and programs 11-20 are used for HP processing. In addition to the proper program number selection, it is the responsibility of the end user to use the proper carousel positions and the appropriate type of reagent vials based on the selection of EM vs. HP processing. Once the unit is properly configured for EM or HP processing, the operator loads the reagent carousel and the samples, selects the desired program and starts the run.
At the end of the run, the sample is retained in the last reagent until the operator removes the sample.


  • 12 reagent vials for HP processing, each 125 ml volume
  • 24 reagent vials for EM processing, each 25 ml volume
  • 10 Programs for EM and 10 programs for Histology
  • Two independently controlled heating/cooling stations
  • Easy replacement of reagent carousel
  • Paraffin Processing
  • Sample agitation
  • Vacuum infiltration during processing
  • Choice of plastic and metal containers for improved chemical compatibility and heat transfer
  • Optional external media based interface to a PC for ease of programming and allowing for the editing of programs on a PC and the transfer of programs between the LYNX II and the PC
  • Built-in fume extraction and ability to connect the discharge hose to lab exhaust system
  • Internal battery back-up during power fail to protect the samples
  • Ability to continue run after power interruption
  • User Friendly Operator Interface
  • Optional external UPS for continued processing during longer power outages

The Lynx II for Electron Microscopy comes with: EM Sample Holder, EM Sample Arm, EM Carousel, Loading Jig, Power Cord, Operator Manual, Aluminum Containers (24), Plastic Containers (72), Plastic Caps (72), Exhaust Hose, Small Baskets (100), Large Baskets (100), Basket Lids (100), 2 Sample Record Note Pads, Spare Fuses.

The Lynx II for Histology comes with: Histo Sample Holder, Histo Sample Arm, Histo Carousel, Power Cord, Operator Manual, Histo Aluminum Containers (12), Histo Plastic Containers (36), Plastic Caps (36), Exhaust Hose, Small Cassettes (100), 2 Sample Record Note Pads, Spare Fuses.

The Lynx II for Microscopy and Histology comes with everything found in both units.


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