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    • Starting at €89.00 €105.91

      Starting at €89.00 €105.91

      For ultra thin sections. Using this Perfect Loop, you can place your thin sections, cut on the ultramicrotome, easily on the grid mesh without creases.

      Section Pick-up with The Perfect Loop

      • €4.00 €4.76
        €4.00 €4.76
        Art.Nr: D70970
        • Price on request
          Price on request
          Art.Nr: DZ4
          Cleaning sticks that are ideally suited for cleaning the edge and surfaces of diamond knives.
          • Price on request
            Price on request
            Art.Nr: DZ16
            This is a useful tool for removing fine particles of debris and dust.
            • Starting at

              Price on request

              Starting at

              Price on request

              The DiATOME Static Line II Ionizer is an antistatic device for ultramicrotomy, which emits negative and positive ions neutralizing the electrostatic charging. The Static Line II ionizer improves handling for trimming, sectioning and section collection at room temperature and is essential for use under cryo conditions.