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    • Starting at €29.50 €35.11

      The silicon wafer have a diameter of 100mm and have the following approximate properties:
      Doping: boron (p type); Orientation: (100); Thickness: app. 525µm, Resistance: <20 Ohmcm. Depending on the batch thickness or resistance may vary slightly. The wafers are polished on one side. Wafer carrier/box included (no clean room quality).

      Starting at €29.50 €35.11

      • €15.50 €18.45
        Art.Nr: SC4T25
        The box is made of plastic and suitable for transporting 100mm (4") wafers. The sensitive wafers are protected against contamination and damage. The box is designed for the transport of up to 25 wafers 25.
        €15.50 €18.45
        • Starting at €12.00 €14.28

          Transport containers for single 100mm wafers or other flat round substrates of similar size. The three-part transparent shells are made of antistatic polycarbonate. The star-shaped insert ensures that the wafer is held at the edges only.

          Starting at €12.00 €14.28

          • Starting at €843.70 €1,004.00

            The Wafer Cleaving Kit XL contains all components of the Wafer Cleaving Kit Standard (E7642) and in addition the Lattice Scriber with a premium quality diamond tip and a pair of small sample cleaving pliers.

            Starting at €843.70 €1,004.00

            • Starting at €435.80 €518.60

              A complete set of tools for clean cleaving of wafers into strips and small pieces. With this set good cut cross-sections are achieved. The Wafer Cleaving Kit Standard consists of three diamond scribers, tweezers, a small and large (optional) cutting mat and a pair of pliers.

              Starting at €435.80 €518.60

              • €53.80 €64.02
                Art.Nr: MN7646

                The CleanBreak wafer pliers are a simple and clean way to cleave (post scribe) wafers, wafer strips and smaller pieces down to 3cm. They are 15cm long and have a jaw opening of 1,9 cm. The CleanBreak pliers come with two sets of replaceable jaws to cleave crystalline or amorphous materials.

                To cleave smaller pieces than 30mm we recommend the Small Sample Cleaving Pliers.

                €53.80 €64.02
                • €65.00 €77.35
                  Art.Nr: E7647
                  The Small Sample Cleaving Pliers cleave samples into pieces from 1 - 30mm. Nylon jaws prevent sample damage and the included scribe alignment indicators increase the accuracy of cleaving. The double leaf spring at the fulcrum and plastic covered stainless-steel handles ensure easy handling and a comfortable grip.
                  €65.00 €77.35
                  • €194.10 €230.98
                    Art.Nr: E7644
                    The basic tools for wafer scribing. The Marker-Scriber Kit includes three diamond scribers for placing fine marks and scribing the wafer surface. These diamond scribers are also the replacements for those in the Wafer Cleaving Kit and XL (E7642, E7648).
                    €194.10 €230.98

                  The silicon wafer – a product of the semiconductor technology and microprocessor industry – is also a proven substrate for scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Due to the conductivity and the defined flat and smooth surface of silicon wafers, they are ideally suited as substrate for SEM specimen.

                  The advancement in the research field of scanning electron microscopy towards 3D reconstruction of tissues with EM resolution (array tomography) has created a new field of ​​application for silicon wafers. Wafers are now used as a substrate for the ATUMtome from RMC Boeckeler, a novel ultramicrotome with automated section collection of series of ultrathin sections on a tape. After section collection wafers are mounted with strips of tape to generate wafer libraries, to store the section series and to use them for subsequent data acquisition in the SEM.

                  Science Services has extended the product portfolio for silicon wafers and related accessories, such as transport boxes and tools for wafer cleavage in order to draw the attention to this proven and innovative substrate.

                  For questions regarding technical specifications and proper handling, please contact us at any time: tech@scienceservices.de