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Vibrating Microtomes

7000smz-2, 5100mz-Plus and 5100mz

The 7000smz-2 unit with a sub-micron Z-axis deflection and a blade advance controllable to 10µm/s. The 5100mz-Plus and 5100mz are very competitively priced high precision units with a Z-axis deflection of 1-2µm and 5-8µm and a blade advance controllable to 10µm/s. On all units, the section thickness step size is 0.001mm. The 7000smz-2 and 5100mz-Plus are supplied with their own Z-axis calibration verifier.

All types of sectioning are possible including sectioning for visual patching of neurological tissue, heart, and lung, and much more...

The effect of excessive Z-axis deflection on the health and viability of the tissue preparation has been much discussed since the publication of Jonas et al (2003) and the 7000smz-2 will now deliver perfect sections every time with sub-micron Z-axis deflection across a wide range of vibration speeds and amplitudes. The affordable 5100mz-Plus offers almost the same features with Z-axis deflection of 1-2µm at all vibration speeds and amplitudes.

The all-new user interface is both easy to use and versatile. The 7000smz-2 and both 5100mz models offer similar operation at the press of a button. The versatility includes simple operation at the push of a button or a range of changeable and programmable parameters and a menu enables the settings of your own preferences.

The 7000smz-2 also gives a longevity of performance. It not only gives sub-micron performance out-of-the-box, but the advance vibrating mechanism does not contain bearings and other components subject to wear. Consequently, it will retain the sub-micron Z-axis deflection performance for years to come, giving consistency in biological preparations.

Tissue cooling is accomplished using either an ice-water bath or an electronically controlled thermo-electric cooler. Other options include a LED cold light source and a magnifier or a stereomicroscope for clear observation whilst slicing.

The new 5100mz series Vibrating Microtomes share the user interface with the premium 7000smz-2, placing a wide range of adjustable parameters at the user's fingertips. Use in manual or the semi-automated "slice window" mode which automatically remembers the start and finish position of the slice.

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